Why your boyfriend gets away with treating you horrible - the truth!

Should You Be Blaming Him?

"My boyfriend is a loser… what can I do?"

I hate to say it girlfriend but it’s not your boyfriend that’s the problem, it’s you.

You’re an “enabler”.

You let him get away with dishing you all kinds of crap and accepting his lame excuses, letting him pass GO again and again.

If you expect him to change because of all the love you give him… well, you just have it all wrong.

Remember your last birthday and he handed you a very shitty gift? Or no gift at all?

And you’re still with him?

Then there was Valentine’s Day? Sure, he had money for beer and video games… what did you get? I mean, what did you get that you didn’t pay for or that he doesn’t owe you for?

Why the hell should he have to change when he can get away with this type of behavior?

You have two things you need to do right away:
- Break up with him
- Tell him to never contact you again

He does pretty good taking care of himself, so why doesn’t he expend a little bit of that energy to take care of you?

You’re not going to like this answer: It’s because he doesn’t have to. You let him get away with all kinds of crap, right?

If you expect him to change you might as well expect him to grow a couple of extra toes on your command. Sister, it just ain’t happening.

You know this. So why do you keep lying to yourself about him?

But do you know what’s worse? Even if you get out of this dead-end relationship with this loser boyfriend the next one will be the same. And do you know why?

You’re an enabler.

The only person that has to change here is you, not him. Guys don’t change.

It doesn’t matter what threats you hold over them, until it’s too late they don’t make a move. And when it’s too late they’ll promise you the world. And if you accept, then it really wasn’t too late, was it. Do you see the game that’s being played against you?

Guys know that the firestorm of your anger will eventually fade away and then they can pop out of their rabbit hole and get back with you, getting what they want from you while you get the same shit that started the break-up in the first place.

And you realize you’ve been played yet again.

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Best wishes,
Robert Lee

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